Mentorship Monday Series ™️

Mentorship Mondays is a pilot series I launched to discuss the impact of having quality mentorship and people who bring light into one’s life. The people on this show are some of my most incredible mentors who have helped me along my personal and professional development journey. I am blessed to have known these people for quite some time in different life stages. At each, these individuals have taken the time to pour into me and guide me in instrumental ways. By sharing their experiences, wisdom nuggets, and facts of life, hopefully, they will help you gain something in listeners’ prospective journeys. Whatever professional and personal path one is on, I share different insights into how one can gain quality mentorship to take things to the next level. This show is for those wondering how to find a mentor and may need to know what that consists of and how it is important for growth. Thank you for tuning in!

Episode 1: Authenticity & Trust – Dr. Cathy Hendon

In the first installment of Mentorship Monday, I sat down with higher education professional Dr. Cathy Hendon, who taught me to be authentic while establishing trust. 

Dr. Hendon also presents five key thoughts on the most important aspects you need to consider in a mentor/mentee relationship, what to look for in a mentor and how to be open to learning from all ages, backgrounds and even job titles.

More about Dr. Cathy Hendon:
Dr. Cathy Hendon is a leadership educator currently serving as the program director for the Master of Arts in organizational leadership and the Bachelor of Arts in management and leadership in the School of Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies and serves as associate professor of leadership studies at Trevecca Nazarene University. Her research interests focus on leadership educator identity development, mentoring, and the community of inquiry framework.

To read more on Dr. Hendon’s work on mentoring in online higher education programs, please read her most recent publication here:
Hendon, C. & Bledsoe, K. (2022). Mentoring New Online Graduate Teaching Assistants: From Concept to Practice. Mentoring & Tutoring: Partnership in Learning(30)5, 566-583. DOI:

Episode 2: Walk the Talk – w/ Derrick Redmond

From a barber chair to a pulpit, Pastor Derrick Redmond is an entrepreneur, visionary and founding Pastor of No Time To Lose Ministries (2010).

This installment explores how individual journeys can present you with a mentor – even in the least likely of spaces. Pastor Derrick speaks about his personal mentorship journey, how his faith provides the foundation for his professional life and how to “Walk The Talk.”

More about Pastor Redmond:
Pastor Derrick is the associate pastor at Born Again Church in Nashville, Tennessee, on Trinity Lane. He is recognized for his anointed ability to minister effectively to the word of God by showing how to apply simple, biblical principles in today’s time to one’s life. Pastor Derrick has a love for people that drives him to extend himself in any way to bring about the will of God in their lives. He has an anointing to bring men out of a dormant state to see themselves the way God sees them while giving them practical tools geared toward walking in their manhood as servants and leaders. He believes and adheres to the principle of sowing and reaping according to the word of God in love, giving, and stewardship. He is a targeted teacher of the doctrines of Jesus Christ.