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“Curiously Becoming,” is a new series where I, a curious host, get to have meaningful conversations with guests by sharing their personal development journeys.  Here we explore individual growth, the stories that come with it, and how sharing them can encourage others to truly be themselves and truly appreciate their testimonies. Those looking for positive affirmation for discovering their purpose and seeking worthwhile personal development journeys, join us! Asking questions, thinking deeper, and curating sources of wellness. Thanks for tuning in!

Curiously Becoming – Shehla Faizi Curiously Becoming

In this episode on "Curiously Becoming," I have the pleasure of connecting with Shehla Faizi, host of the "I'm A Muslim (And That's Okay!)" podcast. Our time together discusses her personal journey into "curiously becoming." How to show up in spaces as she is unapologetically something Shehla can speak to well at this stage in her life. She explains the different transitions she's gone through with gaining confidence in her identity and where to use her voice. Shehla spends a lot of time doing motivational speaking and digital creating to positively and authentically speak to those out there who seek something and someone different. Thank you for tuning in! Shehla is a Mum of two boys who works as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. She also hosts and produces her own podcast, "I'm A Muslim (And That's Okay!)," which is available on all major podcast platforms. — Support this podcast:
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