How My Adoption Journey Gave Me Purpose

“It is time to be clear in my identity and who I represent. The first thing is to explain my origin, which comes from being an adoptee. I recently began exploring my beginnings through my adoption journey. I am ready to share what I have discovered in hopes that my experience will resonate with you, inspire you, and show you how to take the journey of discovery you have been considering. This journey has been a wildly beautiful but complicated thing that deserves to be seen and heard. Many adoptees have a variety of complicated feelings and thoughts on how to explore certain aspects of their lives and identities. Some may not even know what is needed in searching for their biological history. I am here to share resources, speak my truth, and honor the greater sense of self I have found on this journey. I hope that I can help you to do the same.”

Adam E.L Anthony

What people are saying…

“When Adam accepted my invitation to be a guest on my podcast, Once Upon A Time In Adopteeland, I saw it as a wonderful opportunity for other adoptees to benefit from his words. He expresses himself so well with generous guidance for those separated from their family of origin and seeking to be in reunion. It’s no small task to be open, honest, and public about his adoption experience, yet he’s committed to helping our community and beyond. I’m thankful that our paths crossed and that I can get to witness him giving members of the constellation an added resource through his contributions.”

– Jennifer Ghoston, host of Once Upon a Time in AdopteeLand and author of The Truth so Far

“Adam shares his story with compassion for anyone that can relate. Having an understanding heart for people with similar stories, Adam delivers his story to bring healing to himself and hope that it may bring healing to his audience. 

Listeners will be able to gain hope! Adam delivers his story from an approach of a healthy heart committed to seeking improvement. In addition, listeners will be encouraged to take any action steps to share their stories as well. 

In the few years, we have had many conversations, and it pleases me that his life mission is to bring hope to others! Adam is committed to continuing to learn and grow and helping his audience do the same.”

Dr. Angela Talley, associate professor in Organizational Leadership, at Trevecca Nazarene University
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