Living in the Process, Not Paradise

Living in the Process, Not Paradise – Audio version

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In this season of my life, I have committed to this journey of self-development. There have been some wins and losses, but each moment has given me a lesson or breakthrough. Amid the spiritual warfare I experience, I ask myself, “Why”? I caught myself saying, “it would be nice if things could go smoother for a little while God!” Then I laughed in frustration. It was not until I watched a sermon today from Elevation Church pastor Steven Furtick that I began to understand what God is really trying to do in my life.

You see, Pastor Furtick illustrated this concept of a gap that God creates between himself and us along our journey. I am starting to see that God has placed me where I need to be in each step of this walk, even though I may not readily understand each step. Still, he has been right behind me. It is as if, I look back to see if he is still there, and he is looking back at me, saying,” Move forward”. “We cannot go anywhere unless you keep walking, Adam.” The steps I have taken this season have been rewarding and humbling. I am anticipating and praying for good things to come, but I know there is still much work to be done here.

Writing this post today has allowed me to reflect and give gratitude for what God has already provided. Recently, I have been blessed by connecting with people who have shown positive and uplifting support for this blog. As well as receiving some harsh reality from those who do not support me and are missing the opportunity to heal and move forward with me on this journey.

Seeing which people in my life have been cultivated, sustained, and pruned is profoundly symbolic. Some to my own doing, and others God has been working behind the scenes. It is a process of self-development in actuality. I do not think I am alone in this process either. We all go through different stages of life. With everything going on right now, I want to encourage myself and others to allow themselves to live in this process. What I mean by the process is opening up our minds, eyes, heart, and soul to the changes and shifts that may come. It may be uncomfortable at times, believe me, I know, but again, the fruit that bears in these uncertain and challenging times can be beautiful. Whether relational, social, political, financial, mental, emotional, or something else, or all the above, paying attention to the energy and spirit is critical. We know when things are not suitable because our bodies tell us.

There have been periods of my life where I recall crying at least five times in one day. I cannot tell you precisely what for, but I remember feeling like I needed to allow my body to openly heal. I have been diligent in actively creating a life I desire and welcoming new changes and blessings along the way. There have also been various disappointments and blows that took an emotional toll on me. However, by taking in so much, I feel like my body was begging me to just sit for a minute.

At times, I believe as humans, we consume ourselves with finding the “paradise” of life, that we tend to want to skip over the “process.” Things change every second, and for someone like me, I tend to focus on the happiest and positive parts to hold on to when things are difficult. It is easier to see everything wrong in our world but harder to stay focused on the light and not let ourselves get caught up in the distractions. We live in a time when our mental and emotional health cannot be taken for granted. I want to open the doors to those who need someone to be in their corner and bring positivity to their life. I am here. I wish to provide a transparent but motivational insight into my journey that may help someone else move forward.

I see those around me attempting to break down barriers and walls that once had fortitude but now crumble. I see old and new connections rise and fall, but peace is given afterward. I leave you with this challenge; we owe ourselves to be our own best advocates. To keep moving forward, however big or little the steps are. The moment we stop is a disservice to living the authentic life we were meant to live. Own your process. God is moving. You are strong. You are capable. You are loved.

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  1. Loretta Kidd Constant Avatar
    Loretta Kidd Constant

    Absolutely beautiful!!!

  2. Thanks, Adam for sharing this. It is a good reminder that Healing, Wholeness, Self-actualization is not a destination but a Journey. Enjoy the journey!

  3. Realizing that moments in life are processes is powerful. People sometimes even get to move through a process and make it out alive because some are focused on the negative or just in general focused on wanting to end the process sooner then it’s expiration date. I’m glad you made known that the process is worth going through. Thank you Adam for this. I appreciate you

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